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Our commitment is to take care of business, making sure all our customers' needs are met, while developing innovative new services. We want to help ensure that businesses have a bright future in Moorhead.

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Economic Development Rate Incentive

The Economic Development Rate Incentive (EDRI) Program, or by utilizing an external
program, is intended to attract new business and/or encourage the expansion of existing
businesses in Moorhead.

The new or expanded business will add to the revenue base of the electric and water
utilities through the addition of new efficient electric and water loads, as well as add to
the City of Moorhead’s (City’s) economic vitality through new private sector investment,
the creation of new jobs, and increasing Moorhead Public Service’s (MPS’) net revenue
capacity for general fund and capital improvement fund transfers to the City. The EDRI
is supported by, and contingent upon, the City’s waiving of the net revenue transfers on
EDRI revenues during the term of the EDRI, or by relief from strategic MPS partners.

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Economic Development Rate Incentive

Economic Development Rate Incentive MRES