Bright Energy Solutions

Bright Energy Solutions® is a unique portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentive programs that will help you reduce your electric energy costs and operate more efficiently. Once the energy efficient equipment is installed, you'll continue to enjoy the energy savings well into the future. Take advantage of these incentives today!

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Current Bright Energy Solutions programs are available for Commercial and Industrial customers:

Lighting Rebate Program

When you install energy efficient lighting, you save money and energy for years to come.

In fact, research indicates that efficient lighting can contribute to productivity, quality control, security, and safety. The program offers a variety of cash incentives for energy efficient lighting. Incentives are available for the following:

  • fluorescent T8 or T5 lighting with electronic ballasts
  • high bays
  • high performance (super) T-8s
  • pulse-start metal halide
  • compact fluorescent lamps
  • LED exit signs
  • lighting controls

Cooling/Chiller Program

Your HVAC system could account for up to 30 percent of your energy usage.

An aging A/C unit can compromise system performance, and increase your operational costs. Energy efficient cooling equipment can help boost your bottom line by controlling energy costs. The Bright Energy SolutionsSM Cooling/Chiller Program provides you with cash incentives for energy efficient cooling and/or chiller equipment such as:

  • central air systems and chillers
  • packaged terminal units
  • window air units
  • heat pump water heaters
  • other cooling accessories

Motors/Pumps/VFD Program

Efficient motors and drives improve reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance, and lower energy costs.

You can apply for cash incentives that cover the following:

  • premium efficiency motors
  • energy efficient pumps
  • variable-frequency drives

Custom Program

The Custom Efficiency Incentive Program encourages the installation and use of energy efficient equipment specific to your site that is not covered under any other program. Under the custom program, you can apply for cash incentives by providing a detailed energy savings evaluation of the potential kilowatt and kilowatt-hour savings of the project.