Capture The Wind

ctw turbines
Capture the Wind Turbines located in North Moorhead

In 1999, Moorhead Public Service (MPS) began operation on a new program for MPS customers. Residents and businesses now had the opportunity to participate in the operation of renewable, wind power, right here in Moorhead. On December 16, 1998 MPS staff and Commission members broke ground on the first of two wind turbines built in north Moorhead.

The program's successful launch was noted in the first Capture the Wind® newsletter in the spring of 1999:

"Moorhead Public Service customers have quickly and enthusiastically supported electricity generated by wind. In less than three weeks, the Capture The Wind program reached its goal, with more than 400 customers signing up to participate as Charter Members. Your response shows our community's commitment to support clean, renewable energy projects."

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