Bright Ideas For Your Home


Welcome to Moorhead Public Service Bright Ideas!

Moorhead Public Service encourages our customers to use energy wisely. To help you do that, we are introducing a free resource for our residential customers to help you find out more about your energy consumption and how to use less.

The Moorhead Public Service Bright Ideas includes:

  • eNewsletter: an e-mail newsletter filled with energy saving tips and tools, covering topics such as low-cost or no-cost ways to reduce home energy use and the latest in energy technologies and green initiatives..
  • Energy Library: keyword search hundreds of articles and resources on topics ranging from energy efficiency and green power to the latest in emerging technologies.
  • Tools You Can Use: whole-home energy audit tools, along with HVAC and appliance calculators to assess your home’s energy use and identify energy saving opportunities.

Click here to start using the Moorhead Public Service Bright Ideas today!