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Capture The Energy

There is an exciting renewable energy program in Moorhead called "Capture The Energy®." Capture The Energy® was developed by Moorhead Public Service (MPS) to promote renewable energy in Moorhead.

If you are interested in local renewable energy, there are ways you can participate:

  • Voluntary Contribution. If you would like to support and help promote renewable energy efforts in Moorhead through MPS, become a Capture The Energy Participant.
  • To become a Capture The Energy Participant, click here to print and complete the form or contact MPS' Energy Services Manager Dennis Eisenbraun at 218.477.8018. Your contribution will assist in supporting renewable energy right here in Moorhead!

  • Learn For Yourself. Moorhead’s first 750-kW wind turbine went into production in 1999, the second wind turbine in 2001, and in 2011, MPS installed a 10-kW solar electric system between the two wind turbines. This solar electric system has been installed to demonstrate and study the feasibility of solar photovoltaics in our community. Please feel free to stop by the Capture The Energy Site at 2200 28th Street North and take a look for yourself.



Click here to review frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding MPS' renewable energy projects and Capture The Energy Program. These FAQs provide additional information on how Capture The Energy® will benefit you and your community!


Click here for Guidelines, Procedures, and Technical Requirements for Distributed Generation Interconnection with Moorhead Public Service.

I look forward to exciting times ahead for renewable energy in Moorhead! Please feel free to contact MPS' Energy Services Manager Dennis Eisenbraun at 218.477.8018 with your comments or questions.


Bill Schwandt, PE MBACTE New Design Logo R
General Manager



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