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About Moorhead Public Service's Water Operations

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Since 1986, Moorhead’s water system has undergone more than $20 million in improvements, including the completion of a state-of-the-art Water Treatment Plant in 1995. Among its features: a lime water-softening process, a highly-efficient filtration system, and the use of ozone for primary disinfection and odor/taste removal. The Water Treatment Plant has significantly reduced the amount of chlorinated by-products generated by treating water in Moorhead. Moorhead’s Water Treatment Plant produces water that meets all current water-quality standards set by the U.S. EPA and is well-prepared to comply with future standards. Moorhead Public Service provides drinking water to its residents from groundwater and surface water sources - the Red River of the North (surface water) and wells that draw water from the Quaternary Buried Artesian, Indeterminate, and the Quaternary Buried Unconfined aquifers (groundwater).


Click here for MPS' Water Quality Reports. Every year, MPS releases a water quality report in compliance with the Minnesota Department of Health. The purpose of this report is to advance consumers’ understanding of drinking water and heighten awareness of the need to protect precious water resources.


Click here for Lead FAQs, which includes responses to frequently asked questions in order to provide basic information on lead in drinking water and what Moorhead Public Service does to minimize the amount of lead in the water we supply.


Click here for MPS' Watermain Asset Management Plan, which is scheduled for timely review and approval by the Moorhead Public Service Commission.


Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related to Watermain Breaks. This FAQ defines watermain and the types installed in Moorhead, explains how watermain breaks occur, and provides the process for repairing a watermain break. To report a watermain break in Moorhead, please call MPS at 218.477.8000 (Option 4).

Best Tasting Water in Minnesota! Moorhead Public Service (MPS) is proud to announce that the best tasting water in Minnesota is found right here in Moorhead! For three years (2009, 2010, and 2014), at its annual conference in Duluth, Minnesota, the Minnesota Section of the American Water Works Association awarded Moorhead Public Service with the "Best in Glass" award.


Call Before You Dig. Protect yourself and your property against underground utility damage and liability. Find out where the underground utility lines might be buried before you dig. When you have an upcoming project that requires digging, your first step is to contact Gopher State One Call at http://www.gopherstateonecall.org/.


Wellhead Protection Plan. Moorhead Public Service (MPS) prides itself on the protection of the resources around us.  One of these vital resources is the Buffalo Aquifer which lies to the East of Moorhead.  MPS created the Wellhead Protection Plan, which protects and facilitates the most effective use of the region's water supplies.  MPS' Wellhead Protection Plan Part II is in PDF format.


Fire Hydrant Permit Program. In 2007, the City of Moorhead (City) passed an ordinance regarding the use of fire hydrants within the City limits. Section 3-3-2:D.15. “Any use of water from fire hydrants in the city limits of Moorhead, other than by fire department, without first obtaining a permit from the Moorhead Public Service Commission, or if person or entity has obtained permit, not following the rules and procedures set by Moorhead Public Service Commission relating to such permits. (Ord. 2007-17, 8-20-2007)”


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