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Rolling Blackout Update

For Immediate Release on Thursday, February 18, 2021—2:45 PM

Moorhead Public Service (MPS) has been closely monitoring the ongoing Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) situation. MPS will continue to do so until at least  10:00 PM on Saturday, February 20, 2021. The EEA has four levels (1 through 4) of emergency, with Level 1 being the lowest. SPP has removed the EEA; however, SPP remains in a conservative operations state until 10:00 PM on February 20, 2021. Conservative operations mean that SPP still needs to conservatively operate the SPP electric grid due to the ongoing weather event. Based on information from SPP and Western Area Power Administration (WAPA), there is a very low probability of rolling outages occurring in Moorhead over the next
48 hours. However, staff wanted to make you aware of MPS’ situation due to the extreme weather conditions in the SPP footprint and the possibility, even if it is very low, of more rolling outages.


MPS will provide as much advanced notice as possible before commencing rolling outages in Moorhead―if they become necessary. If MPS needs to initiate rolling outages, the first area affected will be in the Red Zone (see attached map) and then alternate to the Blue Zone (see attached map) every other 30 minutes until MPS is allowed to go back to normal operations by SPP/WAPA.


Here is a link to view the maps mentioned above:  MPS GIS Rolling Outage Areas


Again, MPS apologizes for any inconvenience or disruption of electricity due to the SPP EEA situation. Thank you for your support and understanding as we all work through this together.





Rolling Blackout

For Immediate Release on Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Moorhead Public Service (MPS) has been notified that there is a potential for rolling blackouts possibly tonight between the hours of 4:00 PM and 10:00 PM, as well as tomorrow morning between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 AM.


Situational Information:

Due to the current widespread and extreme cold weather conditions, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) declared an Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) Level 3 this morning, which means that generating capacity has dropped below the demand for electricity. This resulted in the need for rolling outages across the SPP footprint―a region-wide event affecting consumers from multiple utilities. As of this afternoon, the SPP has downgraded the EEA to a Level 1. This is declared when all available resources have been committed to meet obligations, and SPP is at risk of not meeting required operating reserves.

SPP is a regional transmission organization that oversees the bulk electric grid and wholesale power market in the central United States on behalf of a diverse group of utilities and transmission companies in 17 states. Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) and Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) are both transmission owners in SPP and both serve the power supply needs of MPS, which means that Moorhead is affected by this event.


MPS continues to stay alert for this emergency, as it is a quickly changing situation. MPS will provide more information to customers if MPS needs to reinitiate more rolling blackouts upon request by SPP. While we  hope this is never needed, the temporary outages help protect the grid from longer, more sustained outages.


MPS asks that its customers continue to do whatever they can to reduce power usage, such as voluntarily reduce electric usage by delaying running the dishwasher and clothes washer, turning down the heat, and shutting off lights.


Please see the following maps


Rolling Blackout Map - Red Area


Rolling Blackout - Blue Area



MPS GIS Rolling Outage Areas



COVID-19 Response

PRESS RELEASE: Moorhead Public Service Response to COVID-19

Moorhead Public Service Commission (MPS) provides two essential needs (Water and Electricity) to the Residents and Ratepayers of Moorhead. The safety and health of MPS Employees and the continued service of water and electricity are the most critical priorities whether we are under normal operations or dealing with the current World Pandemic COVID-19, and a potential flood. Without MPS employees, it is complicated to provide these two very essential services. Our goal is to make sure employees stay safe and healthy to keep the lights on and the water clean and flowing to our customers at all times.


As the Interim General Manager of MPS, I will be recommending to the Moorhead Public Service Commission on March 17, 2020, that during this time of COVID-19, MPS temporarily change our current policy to stop any future disconnection until further notice. I will also recommend that MPS temporarily reconnect all customers that are currently under involuntary disconnection procedures. MPS will continue to meter and bill customers for these services. MPS also suggests that customers utilize the MPS online payment center, which is www.mympsbill.com , or using one of the other five payment options on the right-hand side of www.mpsutility.com under the Payment Options section. MPS suggests not using the in-person options for the health of our employees. If, for some reason, you are having difficulty paying your utility bill, please contact MPS, and MPS will arrange a reasonable payment plan that works for you.


As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, MPS will monitor the situation and do what is necessary to meet the electricity and water needs of those that MPS serves.


Please contact the following individual for more information:


Travis L. Schmidt, P.E.

Interim General Manager &
Electrical Engineering Manager
Moorhead Public Service
Phone: 218.477.8000
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Moorhead Public Service, 500 Center Avenue, P.O. Box 779, Moorhead, MN 56561-0779

218.477.8000, Option 4


Providing safe and reliable electricity and water to the community of Moorhead since 1895. For information about Moorhead Public Service, visit our Web site at www.mpsutility.com.

Receive updates from Moorhead Public Service at www.twitter.com/mpsutility or www.facebook.com/mpsutility



Thank you.



Energy Rebates!

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Proposed 2021 Budget and Rates

Moorhead Public Service (MPS) is locally governed by a five-member board of MPS customers known as the Moorhead Public Service Commission (Commission). Each fall, the Commission has the responsibility of establishing the utility’s rates and budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Preliminary estimates indicate that rate increases for MPS customers in 2021 may be between 0 and 3 percent for electric rates and between 5 and 8 percent for water rates.


The Moorhead Public Service Commission will hold a public hearing to consider changes in electric and water rates in Moorhead. The public hearing will be held on Tuesday, October 20, 2020, at 5:30 PM, in the Council Chambers, Moorhead City Hall, First Floor, 500 Center Avenue, Moorhead, Minnesota. If  restrictions for public meetings are still in effect due to the COVID-19 emergency, instructions on how to participate in the rate hearing will be provided at a later date. **(see below)**


For thirty (30) days subsequent to the closing of the rate hearing and prior to the adoption of a rate change, written testimony shall be received and considered by the Commission. To be considered by the Commission, written comments should be postmarked no later than Friday, November 20, 2020, and mailed to: Moorhead Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 779, Moorhead, MN 56561-0779.


A formal decision regarding MPS’ 2021 rates will be determined at the Commission’s meeting on or about December 15, 2020.


Click on the following for information regarding Moorhead Public Service’s (MPS’) proposed 2021 budget and rates:




**Moorhead Public Service’s Electric and Water Rate Hearings will be held on Tuesday,
October 20, 2020, at 5:30 p.m; however, the hearings will not be open to in-person attendance due to the COVID-19 emergency. Listed below are alternate ways to submit your comments prior to the rate hearings:

  • E-mail your comments to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it prior to 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. We will acknowledge receipt of customer comments via an e-mail and submit e-mails to the Moorhead Public Service Commission for review and consideration.
  • Call the comment line at 218-299-5001 to offer questions/comments and/or request to be bridged onto the audio conference. Customers will be given 3 minutes to speak.**
  • Mail written comments to: Moorhead Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 779, Moorhead, MN  56561-0779 prior to 3:00 p.m., on Tuesday, October 20, 2020. Letters will be submitted to the Moorhead Public Service Commission for review and consideration.











News Releases

Current Job Openings

GIS Data Collector (PT/Temp)
Posted: February 18, 2021

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